Why You Need a Managed Website Platform

For years, businesses and entrepreneurs have been stuck between two bad options when it comes to creating a website:

  • Option 1: Pay thousands of dollars for a company to develop your website

  • Option 2: Spend 20+ hours building a “free” or low-cost website

Either way, you end up spending a small fortune, either in hours or money spent (usually both). The bigger problem arises a few months down the line when you need to make a change.

Let’s say you decide to go with Option 1 by paying upfront. What you’ll find is that you’ll be charged a fee (usually around $100 — $200) to make a simple change, such as changing a picture or updating some basic text.

Now, let’s explore the other route. If you go with Option 2 by building your own website, it’s likely you will struggle to find the time to update it. If you do somehow manage to squeeze in a bit of extra time to update your site, you will spend numerous, and most likely frustrating, hours making simple changes.

Real $99 HeliumSites.com Customer Website (www.foundationsllc.com)

We’re going to be honest here. We think paying thousands of dollars to build a website is a complete rip-off. We also think charging people for basic updates to their website is wrong. But not all low-cost options are great. Most of the low-cost or “free” companies entice people with bait-and-switch programs that leave customers feeling frustrated, cheated, and stuck.

Enter Helium. Helium was created to fill this gap. Our Managed Website Platform is like nothing else in the industry. Now, you may already have some questions. We’re way ahead of you.

  • “How much does it cost?” For as low as $99 per month, your website is professionally designed, managed, and updated. Your website will be a professional representation of your brand.

  • “What if I want to make changes down the line?” Changes are as simple as sending an email or making a phone call to our Atlanta-based support team. Yes, you read that correctly — we don’t outsource our support staff. Hosting, technical setup, and maintenance is all handled behind the scenes.

  • Sounds great. But what does this all mean?” This means your website always looks great and you never pay for changes.

Let us know if you have any other questions. We’re here to help. You can find our contact information at the bottom of the page or by clicking Contact Us at the top of the page.

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