Why Real Estate agents can’t afford an ugly website

The newest wave of home buyers have never lived in a world without the internet. They not only expect you to have a website, but it better be mobile and look great, too. First impressions are everything — that includes your online impression.

“You wouldn’t show up to a listing in MC Hammer pants”

You wouldn’t show up to a listing in MC Hammer pants, and you shouldn’t have a website that screams, “I was built in 1998.” This may sound extreme, but those pants look just as silly as an outdated website.
Let’s be honest — technology can be intimidating. The thought of creating a tailored website from scratch can make some people run for the hills. But, we can’t continue to neglect the importance of a user-friendly, sleek, and informative website. When I ask real estate agents about the importance of websites, I often hear, “I work on referrals. I don’t need a website.” I then invite them to think about 3 things:

  1. Someone is referred to you, as well as another agent. The other agent has a great looking website. Who do you think the person will choose?
  2. Have you ever used the internet to research something or to help make an important decision? Do you think a person making one of the biggest investments of their life would do the same?
  3. If a great looking website can get you one more commission per year, is it worth exploring?

What is the real cost of passing up on updated, sleek, and outstanding technology? We all remember Blockbuster, right? Did you know the CEO of Blockbuster passed on the opportunity to buy Netflix for $50 million? We all know Blockbuster is long gone, but Netflix is now worth about $35 billion!

Don’t let technology scare you away! Having the right team and the right tools can make all the difference. There is a perfect website, price, and look for everyone.

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