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Do you need a WordPress Website?

By Joe Norton | Apr 17, 2017

When talking with our customers about website development or website redesign, we are often asked, “what kind of website do I need.” As a website development shop, we build WordPress websites, hardcoded websites, and Starter Websites, which are our own proprietary website platform (details in a previous blog post here). To answer the question of what…

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Go Mobile or Go Home

By Joe Norton | Apr 12, 2017

Mobile Junkies As a culture, we are welded to our smartphones. It is no surprise that over 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up, and even check their phones on average 48 times per day! Furthermore a study conducted in 2014 found that smartphones accounted for 33% of all online traffic. Today, these…

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3 Website Pitfalls to Avoid

By helium | Mar 10, 2017

Your website is a direct representation of you, your brand, and your company. Available 24/7 and globally accessible, your website can leave a lasting impression on current customers, new customers, and even the competition. Avoid these 3common pitfalls to keep your website looking its best! 1. Not Mobile Friendly. The world is mobile and the…

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Why You Need a Managed Website Platform

By helium | Feb 14, 2017

For years, businesses and entrepreneurs have been stuck between two bad options when it comes to creating a website: Option 1: Pay thousands of dollars for a company to develop your website Option 2: Spend 20+ hours building a “free” or low-cost website Either way, you end up spending a small fortune, either in hours…

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8 Real Estate Website Mistakes to Avoid

By Joe Norton | Jan 10, 2017

Just like staging a house, the right website can make or break the deal. Having the wrong website can be the difference in getting a call or getting passed over. “The right website can make or break the deal” Your website says a lot about who you are. You don’t want it to say, “I built my…

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Why Real Estate agents can’t afford an ugly website

By Joe Norton | Dec 14, 2016

The newest wave of home buyers have never lived in a world without the internet. They not only expect you to have a website, but it better be mobile and look great, too. First impressions are everything — that includes your online impression. You wouldn’t show up to a listing in MC Hammer pants, and…

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12 Staging Tips You May Have Missed!

By helium | Nov 20, 2016

Sometimes people can focus a lot of staging that involves renovation, staining of kitchen cabinets, etc. The key word here? Money. According to the National Association of Realtors, around 96% of home buyers reported being either affected by or somewhat affected by home staging. But not all staging involves shelving out large chunks of your…

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5 Must Haves For Every Logo

By helium | Oct 13, 2016

For many real estate agents and small businesses, your name is your brand. As an entrepreneur, you are the chief marketing officer, PR manager, and brand ambassador all rolled into one. Your logo should inspire confidence and trust to your current and future customers. Our list of 5 Must Haves For Your Logo are a…

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