5 Must Haves For Every Logo

For many real estate agents and small businesses, your name is your brand. As an entrepreneur, you are the chief marketing officer, PR manager, and brand ambassador all rolled into one.

Your logo should inspire confidence and trust to your current and future customers. Our list of 5 Must Haves For Your Logo are a great starting point for any logo.

5 Tips

1. Color
Selecting a color scheme is one of the first steps in creating a logo. Choosing, for example, between a cool-blue or and fiery-red should be a well thought out decision. Furthermore, a great logo looks great in grayscale or a single color.

The UPS logo looks great in color or black and white


2. Keep it Simple

The purpose of a logo is to represent your brand, not give a detailed explanation of your product or service. A great logo will no be easily confused with another brand. A great example of this is Apple. Their logo is unmistakable for any other brand.

When in doubt, remember KISS (Keep in simple silly)


3. Clear Message

Most small businesses don’t have billions of dollars in sales (yet!). So, adding your name or service to your logo is a good idea. But you also don’t want your name, what you do, and a slogan in your logo. When it comes to text in a logo, remember ‘when in doubt, cut it out.’

An example of what not to do…


4. Proportion & Symmetry

It doesn’t always take a professional designer to create a great looking logo. When creating a logo, do your best to maintain some balance in your design.

The Apple logo and the the Golden Ratio


5. Easy to Read (be careful with the font)

If you follow the first four tips, creating a logo that is easy to read will come naturally. Your logo should be easy to read on everything from a business card to billboard.

Be careful with cursive and script fonts


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